Part II of an in-studio interview with Bethann Shapiro Ord


Last week, I was able to sit down with the new head women’s basketball coach at Binghamton University, Bethann Shapiro Ord, as she was kind enough to stop by our station.

We talked about her career, her expectations at B.U., and some off-the-court topics as well, like her family.

Shapiro Ord may be coming from a school out in Utah, but she grew up just a few hours away from Binghamton in Rochester.

Here’s what she had to say about being closer to home.

“Of course, being from Rochester, what’s it like knowing that your family is only a couple hours drive away? How much does that help you?”

“Words can’t express. It was very emotional for me to leave Weber State with those young ladies that I left. But, as soon as I got that out of the way, I talked to them, and I got to the next step, and started talking to my players now. They’re family. Family to me is everything, and I try to continue to emulate that with my teams. They’ll see my parents. They’ll see my aunts and uncles, and sister, and brothers, and my nieces and my nephews. It’s just, I can’t even express enough how awesome it is. So many of my college friends and high school friends and people back in Rochester that have just been so excited for me to be home too,” said Shapiro Ord.

You’ll be able to hear more from Bethann and I’s conversation throughout the week on NewsChannel 34 Sports.

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