Parental kidnapping


Many child kidnappings that take place in the united states are committed by a parent or other family member. When a non-custodial parent has taken a child, it’s referred to as ‘parental kidnapping.’ Because child kidnappings are also frequently committed by other family members, however, the term ‘family abduction’ more accurately describes the action. During a separation or divorce proceeding, parents are unfortunately not always thinking clearly about the best interest of their child. In this stressful situation, problems arise that may lead to an abduction, creating additional stress for both parents as well as for the child. Although there are many civil and criminal laws to assist in the recovery of an abducted child and resources available for treatment of the psychological consequences associated with a family abduction, parents should take all steps possible to legally resolve conflicts and avoid abduction. If your child has been taken, call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Contact a child safety program in your area for more information.

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