BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Binghamton City Schools’ PACT Program has received national recognition for its work to prepare families to raise children.

The PACT Program stands for Parents and Teachers Together. It’s a voluntary, educational initiative serving families that are expecting a child. Trained parent educators make personal visits to families’ houses to promote early learning and understand the importance of development milestones.

A parent educator with the program, Andrea Pellicciotti says that the program helps identify any developmental concerns and improve the child’s readiness for school.

“We know that the most brain development that children have happen in the first three years of life and continues on to that three to five range of time too. And so, by us coming into homes and supporting families and partnering with families for school success and reaching those develop milestones is really important,” said Pellicciotti.

Binghamton’s PACT program was recently designated as a Blue Ribbon Affiliate, which means it was one of the top performing programs across the nation.

Families interested in joining PACT can contact Binghamton offices, at (607)762-8144.