OurSpace playground puts on roof to replica courthouse


BINGHAMTON, NY – As the OurSpace playground begins to take shape, with new structures produced in Ithaca, work is beginning to wind down.

The roof to the replica courthouse their was raised up this morning and put in place, marking a major achievement and checkpoint for the construction project.

Other workers stopped what they were doing to join viewers looking on as the roof was raised high in the sky.

It was slowly and delicately moved around and fitted into place where workers could secure it.

Play By Design Co-Founder Lee Archin says he expects this new playground to be better than the first.

“I think there’s a historic connection to it, but the most important thing, I’ve been doing this for close to 26 years, is the community build, the custom design, and the sense of ownership that people take away from the process and the project. For them to be able to regroup and do it again, it’s hats off to them,” says Archin.

Archin says the group plans to have the whole project complete by tomorrow, which will be 1 day after its originally scheduled completion.

He says issues outside of the team’s control are the cause for the delay, but he also says the work has been perfect.

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