BINGHAMTON, NY – Operation Safe Stop Day is recognized nationally as a way to remind motorists of the dangers of passing school buses illegally.

Out of 62 counties in New York State, Broome County is one of 3 that has the School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Program.

Since the programs launch in June of 2021, Broome County has caught 2 thousand 2 hundred and 49 violations.

December saw the most violations with 395 and so far April is in second place with 331.

Transportation Director and School Bus Driver with Chenango Valley, Sue Ticknor, says every bus drivers number one priority is safety.

“All drivers through all area schools have one constant concern, will our children be safe when they get off the buses? If someone runs our reds will they be caught? I have to say thank you now, to Broome County,” she says.

Fines for illegally passing a school bus when the stop arm is out is set by the New York State law.

Initial violations come with a 250 dollar fine and second and third violations are 275 and 300 dollars.

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