Online COVID-19 risk evaluation will show you how at risk you are for the virus


BINGHAMTON, NY – New York State has a new online tool that helps people evaluate their risk of catching the coronavirus.

The New York State Office For Aging is promoting a website developed by BellAge that surveys individuals to help assess their risk level.

Questions include information about your overall health, the number of people you regularly come into contact with and whether you regularly wear a mask.

No identifiable personal information is asked, just age, gender and zip code.

Lisa Schuhle, the Director of the Broome County Office for Aging, says the information that is compiled will assist state and local agencies with their pandemic messaging.

“If you go back in and you change your behavior, say, “Okay, I’m going to stay in, I’m only going to see 2 people, I’m only going to go to the grocery store.” And it will show you that your risk of getting COVID goes way down. So, it’s kind of something fun and it definitely has a great education piece to it,” says Schuhle.

Schuhle says the free tool can be used by people of any age and a friend or relative can fill it out for those without internet access.

You can follow this link to the site, along with a chart that helps you to see which behaviors and activities pose the greatest risk below:

CV19-Checkup Activity-risk-level-chart Default With Consumer Link 11-18-20 by Emily Venuti on Scribd

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