ALBANY, NY – Governor Hochul and the Democrat-controlled legislature in Albany are seeking to amend the state’s constitution to ensure the right to an abortion should a national ban on the medical procedure ever go into effect.

NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine spoke one-on-one with the governor today about her efforts.

Governor Kathy Hochul is the chair of The Democratic Governors Association’s Reproductive Rights Fund. It’s goal is to help keep democratic governor’s in office, as well as help democratic gubernatorial candidates win elections in states where abortion access isn’t guaranteed.

“We felt a responsibility because we know these rights will be protected in New York as long as we have a democratic governor, which is critically important to remind everyone. But in other states where they have either Governor’s who are hostile to this or state legislatures, or where there is a democratic governor trying to hold on and fight for the rights of the women there, we felt we had a responsibility to help these other candidates.”

Just 2 weeks ago you had a video conference with President Biden as well as other Governor’s and you specifically asked him about using federal facilities to provide abortion services for those who want them. Do you think he is going to take you up on that suggestion?

“We suggested to the president that there are actually federal facilities places like military bases and hospitals that are on land in states that have now taken away women’s right to choose abortion rights and that’s a possibility so it’s one of the many things he’s factoring in.”

During Extraordinarly Session, the State Senate and Assembly passed legislation to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. It will have to pass again next year, before being brought to New Yorkers for a vote. I asked if she thinks this legislation would be able to stand up to the Supreme Court if it were to be challenged.

“We know we are protected with me as the governor. I have committed to that. But if there is a change of administration here or in Washington, there actually could be a national ban on abortion. And we believe that having this protected in our state constitution would help us fight that scenario. We hope it doesn’t get to that.”

Governor Hochul is running against Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin who supports the Supreme Courts ruling of overturning Row versus Wade.