Governor Hochul also held a COVID briefing today to discuss the decline of the quickly-spreading variant, omicron.

Back in October, Hochul started talking about the winter surge that was expected to come.

She had a winter surge 2.0 plan that involved making testing and at home tests more available.

Earlier this month, total positive cases were up in the 90,000s.

Hochul was pleased to announce that the 7 day average positive cases is going down, sitting around12,000 cases.

“If we continue to do what we’ve been doing all along, as much as it sounds like we keep saying it over and over, we still have more people that should be vaccinated and boosted, children in particular, and Wear the masks, the ones that we know are more protective. If you’re not feeling great, just take the day off, go home and watch some good Netflix, I got a lot of recommendations for you,” says Hochul.

She also mentions that hospitalizations are going down as well.

Hochul is still pushing for more children ages 5 and up to get vaccinated.

44 new vaccination sites will soon open up as part of the Vax for Kids initiative.

While the holidays have passed, she knows people will gather again for the Super Bowl, but she asks everyone stay safe and wear a mask.