BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton officials are responding to a rash of shootings, many of them by teenagers, that are putting the community at risk.

The string of recent shootings dates back to an incident on Hazel Street in the City’s First Ward last Saturday.

That was followed by a report of shots fired at the Town and Country Apartment Complex on the Northside on Tuesday evening.

Soon after, there were reports that two vehicles were traveling through the Westside with the occupants taking shots at each other.

Those events took place along Murray, Chapin, Leroy, North and Oak Streets and Gerard Avenue.

Then, on Wednesday night, someone fired multiple shots along Lake Avenue.

Police discovered fifteen .40 caliber shell casings in the road.

“The April 6th shooting on Lake Avenue, 7 rounds struck an occupied house, including several rounds that went through a child’s bedroom. By the grace of God, no one was injured or killed as part of that incident,” says Kraham.

No arrests have been made in the Lake Avenue shooting.

However, a 17 year-old juvenile and 19 year-old Jayvon Phillips were arrested in connection with the other shootings which police believe are related.

Police Chief Joe Zikuski says these teenagers display no concern for human life.

“These are dangerous criminals, let’s get that straight. We find some of them more dangerous than somebody who’s 25 or in their 30’s. They have no regard for life. They’re criminals and they’re being treated like juveniles,” says Zikuski.

Police displayed some of the weapons they’ve seized during their arrests, including some illegal untraceable ghost guns, that are ordered and assembled by the user, and a sawed-off shotgun that another Binghamton resident shot himself in the foot with in an unrelated incident.