BINGHAMTON, NY – Are you afraid of ghosts?

With the start of October and the Halloween season just days away, a local ghost-hunting group is inviting you to join them as they investigate one of Binghamton’s notorious haunted places.

The Phelps Mansion on Court Street was once home to the wealthy Phelps family in the 1880s. and inhabited the house for 12 years.

They all died within four years of each other, the first passing in 1878 and the last in 1882.

Legend has it that some members haven’t left quite yet though it is unknown as to who is still sticking around.

Guests have experienced on things on tours, according to House Manager Joe Schuerch, who promises not to disturb the spirts too much.

“It’s October, let’s have some fun, we won’t bother the spirits too much, just a little bit and we what we got.”

The investigation will be lead by Empirical Paranormal on Saturday, October 2nd.

There are 3 ghost-hunt tours planned, one at 7, one at 8 and one at 9. Tours are capped at 10 people and the cost is $20, which Empirical will donate right back into the Phelps.

Empirical Paranormal Director Gina Caprari says they expect to find activity, but you’ll have to come to find out.

Tours are extremely close to selling out, but you can call the Phelps Museum at 607-722-4873 to check availability.

If you don’t get a spot in this tour, Empirical Paranormal will also be hosting an investigation tour the YWCA in Binghamton on October 15.

The Phelps will be having more spooky events as well in October, including their own ghost tours.