BINGHAMTON, NY – The holidays aren’t complete without decorations and of course, lights!

However, there could be some hidden dangers as you deck the halls once again. NYSEG provides some types on how to enjoy all the festive fun with some peace of mind.

-Make the switch to LED lights. LED lights produce less heat and use less energy, and, the cooler burning LED lights can help keep your live tree from drying out.

-Take a look at your cords. Worn or frayed insulation and loose connections are unsafe and should be tossed.

-While your looking at your cords, make sure they are pushed in towards the tree where pets and kids can’t get them. You may even want to clip them to the branches.

-Make sure nothing flammable is near the lights on the tree.

-Avoid plastic trees that are not flame resistant or metal trees if you want to string some lights on.

-Always remember to turn the holiday lights off before you leave home or go to bed. Consider a timer if this is hard to remember.

-If you’re decorating outside, keep from piling snow and other debris against utility meters or furnace vets.

Decorating isn’t the only time you should take precautions.

NYSEG also warns that the stovetop, grill and oven should be properly supervised while in use for cooking only, and never heating.

This is also a good time of year to install or check smoke alarms, which should be outside every sleeping area and in every bedroom, and on all levels.