BINGHAMTON, NY – The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission (NYIRC) held a public hearing in Binghamton yesterday for individuals to provide feedback on the 2 drawn up redistricting maps.

The redistricting process occurs every 10 years, the purpose of creating this Commission was to make the process independent from the legislature in favor of an equally bi-partisan party.

This is the first time this is happening this way, but it will now be the new norm for the future of redistricting in N-Y-S.

Vice Chair of the Commission, Jack Martins was asking that everyone be open about the changes they’d like to see made.

“They may both be wrong, and so take the opportunity to please provide us with your input and don’t assume that either map is the preferred map. It may be better, but we want to make it the best possible it can which means, look at the maps. Give us your comments,” says Martins.

The committee is composed of 10 members.

Individuals from around the region like Elmira, Corning, Tompkins County, and Binghamton came to touch on their concerns with the proposed drafts that were put out in Mid Septembers.

This was only the 3rd stop on their 14 stop tour, with the tour scheduled to end on November 23rd.

From there, the commission will begin drafting a final map to send to the Legislators.