ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–In recent weeks, Congressman Lee Zeldin’s campaign has received criticism after more than 11,000 signatures said to be photocopied were included in a filing to get him on the Independence Party line.  

Jessica Proud, a spokesperson for the New York State GOP released a statement as to what she says happened. Blaming redistricting issues and a change in law increasing the number of signatures needed, she described a mad rush to meet the filing deadline, saying in part: 

“There were more than 20 volunteers, interns, and staff who were frantically pulling together the hundreds of pages of signatures. Whether for record keeping or data entry purposes, it is a very common procedure for copies to be made of petitions by campaigns and even individuals who gather signatures. The process was chaotic and as a result, copies of the valid signatures were inadvertently included in the filing. The mistake was acknowledged and the Board’s decision to rule the petitions invalid was accepted with no further action taken. “

Just last week Congressman Lee Zeldin said, “Our campaign was not aware there were photocopies made. We didn’t do it. We learned about it after the fact.”

On Tuesday, the Albany County District Attorney’s Office said it received a letter from New York Senator Zellnor Myrie requesting an investigation into the campaign of one of New York’s Gubernatorial candidates. According to the DA’s office, that is still under review.

Zeldin is running for Governor against incumbent, Governor Kathy Hochul.