ALBANY, N.Y. (NEXSTAR) — The New York State Legislature is scheduled to wrap up on Wednesday. However, there are still several high profile issues that the Democratically controlled chambers have not sent to the Governor’s desk.

What may be the most controversial topic left is the issue of marijuana legalization. Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted to include it in the state budget earlier in the session, but that didn’t work out.

There have been multiple bills that have been introduced – some that would regulate marijuana and others that would decriminalize marijuana.

But the Governor indicated on WAMC radio Monday that he would prefer an all encompassing bill.

Other issues left for the Assembly to take up are legalizing paid gestational surrogacy and getting rid of the ‘Gay Panic’ defense. The Governor and the Senate Majority made a big push with Bravo host Andy Cohen last week, and the Senate ultimately passed both of those bills.

The Senate also unanimously passed a bill for an ERA to the state constitution. It would add ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity to the New York bill of rights.

Whether the session ends on schedule or not will likely depend on how lawmakers are able to work through the marijuana issue and reach a consensus.