BINGHAMTON, NY – It’s time again for Nutrition in the Kitchen, our monthly collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Today, Nutrition Educator Kathleen Cook is preparing a crustless spinach and mushroom quiche.

This delicious dish can be enjoyed any time of day, and with many types of ingredients.

While eggs and cheese are a quiche staple, Cook also added spinach, onions, ham, and oyster mushrooms.

While not everyone may enjoy their taste or texture, Cook says that there’s no denying the nutritional value of mushrooms.

“Mushrooms are really high in a lot of nutrients. They have iron, and potassium, and Folate, and B vitamins, and Niacin. But, they are also one of the few vegetable sources that have Vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important, especially in our Northern climate because we don’t get enough from the sunshine. So, to get it from our food is an unusual thing,” says Cook.

Cook added that all the nutrients and vitamins in mushrooms can help boost the immune system as well as lower blood pressure.

And Cornell Cooperative has a number of free online nutrition classes coming up on topics such as eating a balanced diet and increasing your fruit and vegetable intake.

You can find out more and register at the CCE Broome Nutrition Programs page on Facebook.

Watch the full cooking demonstration below.