BINGHAMTON, NY – This month’s Nutrition in the Kitchen features an ingredient that you can hold on to long after the growing season has ended.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Nutrition Educator Ann Supa is preparing a Holiday Layered Dip for us.

Supa assembles 7 layers in the bowl starting with hummus.

After that, she adds spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, black olives and the featured ingredient: red onions.

She tops it off with feta cheese.

Supa says there are a wide variety of onions that can spice up a dish whether cooked or raw.

“A raw onion has that fiber in it, has antioxidants in it. It’s low in calories and it gives a dish a flavor. And you’re not adding all that salt and extra ingredients to make a flavorful dish,” says Supa.

Supa says the dish goes together easily and is a great option for bringing to a holiday party.

Supa also recommends storing onions by hanging them in a mesh bag where they won’t attract moisture.

She says you can also freeze them, but only use them for cooking once they’re thawed.

There are online nutrition classes available at the CCE Broome Nutrition Programs Facebook page.

Watch full cooking demonstration below: