Noisy Huron Campus causes neighborhood disturbances


ENDICOTT, NY – It’s all quiet on the Huron Campus in Endicott after months of loud steam releases disturbed the neighborhoods surrounding it.

People living along Squires Avenue on the Northside say the noise began about 4 months ago and got much worse over the past 24 hours as an expansion joint repair forced the steam vent to bypass a sound muffler.

The noise stopped at around noon today after the muffler went back online.

Huron President Chris Pelto says the underlying problem is the loss of a steam turbine that is used for heating and cooling the campus.

Pelto says that while the turbine is being repaired, the plant is producing more steam than the system can handle, forcing them to vent the water vapors into the air.

He says that with Huron already using its smallest boiler at minimum capacity, the only other option would be to shut the entire system down depriving the entire campus of heating and cooling.

Nearby resident Patrick Harrigan says when the noise was the loudest, he recorded decibels as high as 120 using an app on his phone.

“There’s no quality of life. You can’t sit outside. I have to raise my voice because I can barely hear myself talking. It’s ridiculous,” says Harrigan.

Harrigan tells NewsChannel 34 he is grateful that the sound has now ended, although he says Huron has turned it off before only to have it return the next day.

Jackson put out a news release this afternoon saying that repairs to a steam-driven chiller turbine are ongoing.

She also says that as heat is turned on in the buildings as the weather cools, there will be more use for the steam and less need to vent it.

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