Nexstar one-on-one with President Trump


WASHINGTON, D.C – NewsChannel 34’s Anna Wiernicki spoke one-on-one with President Trump at the White House Wednesday afternoon.

The president says he’ll support the GOP police reform bill introduced this morning by Republican Senator Tim Scott.

And the president says he is not afraid of a second wave of COVID 19, but even as the economy begins to recover, he did not rule out another round of coronavirus stimulus checks.

One day after signing an executive order addressing police brutality, President Trump says he’s ready to do more.

“We have great police, great law enforcement. But you have people that make mistakes and you have some bad ones, too,” says Trump.

The President told me in a one-on-one interview that he’s on board with the Senate Republican Police Reform Bill, unveiled Wednesday morning.

“Will you support it?”

“Well I will and I’ve looked at it.”

But he says the fate of the bill is up to the Democrats, who have threatened to block the bill in the Senate for not doing enough to prevent police brutality.

“Lets see what happens with the Democrats. They want to have – I mean they literally want to defund our police and frankly they would abolish our police if we weren’t here,” says Trump.

President Trump is going full speed ahead holding his first rally this weekend in Tulsa.

Despite reports of cases increasing in some states including Oklahoma.

“We have over a million requests for tickets. There has never been anything like that. Nobody has ever heard of such a thing,”says Trump.

President Trump says he’s not nervous about a second wave of the virus.

“Because we know how to do it,” he says.

And he says Americans could be receiving a second stimulus check.

“We are working on something that will be very dramatic, very good,” says Trump.

In the midst of a pandemic and nationwide protests over racial injustice I asked,

“Will it be more difficult to unite the country in a middle of a reelection campaign?”

“I don’t think so,” Trump says. “This is a great feeling. I think there is just great pride in the country.”

The full interview is available here.

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