BINGHAMTON, NY – Captain for the Broome County Sheriffs office, Kate Newcomb, has just filed her petitions, a day after Senator Fred Akshar.

Newcomb was able to secure double the amount of signatures needed to be put on the ballot come November.

A couple months ago, Newcomb made the switch to democrat, putting her and Akshar head to head in the primary.

She says that while going out into the community, what’s going on at the correctional facility is a concern of the residents, which is one of her three campaign tenets.

“My plan is to bring stake holders to the table and have a panel where we can sit down and discuss action items for moving the correctional facility forward in a safe and healthy manner for all those who are there whether that be the incarcerated persons or the employees who work there,” says Newcomb.

If elected, she plans to continue building bridges in the community as well as building infrastructure.

She is looking forward to speaking with many more residents over the next few months.