NEWARK VALLEY, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) A recent Newark Valley high school graduate is getting the highest award in Girl Scouts for her improvements to a nature trail in the town.

New signage on the information kiosk at Bement-Billings Farmstead was unveiled today. Girl Scout, Isabella Shiel, completed her Gold Award project by updating the kiosk at the foot of the Sycamore Bridge which trail maps, wildlife and wild plant photos and information.

Across the bridge is one and a half miles of nature trails which were installed, along with the bridge in 2008. Shiel and her team of fellow girl scouts and honor society members made repairs to the trails and replaced informational plaques and signposts about the various trees along the paths. Shiel and her crew raised $500 to cover expenses and devoted 80 hours of work to the project.

“Girl Scouts does so much good work for the community and does so much good work for girls and their confidence. I recently went to the United Nations with Girl Scouts this past March for a Status of Women delegation, so it just provides a lot of opportunities,” said Shiel.

On the other side of the bridge is a giant sycamore tree. Shiel says she loves coming to the Bement-Billings Farmstead, whether it was during school field trips, volunteering at the annual Apple Festival or walking her dog along the nature trails. She says she loves hiking and the outdoors.

Shiel will be attending the University of Vermont this fall to study political science and environmental studies.