CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A day after a deputy involved shooting, the scene is still active at the Foxrun apartments. Neighboring residents reacting to the shooting. NEWS10 speaking with those neighbors and has more on the investigation and an update to the deputy’s condition.

Saratoga County Sheriff, Mike Zurlo, tells me the deputy who underwent emergency surgery is stable, and his prognosis is good.

NEWS10 went back to the scene and were not allowed to view the area of the apartment but with the permission of homeowners behind the complex we were able to see numerous federal law enforcement officers still present.

Zurlo says the two deputies were shot Tuesday morning as they entered the apartment on a warrant for a federal drug investigation.  They say 23-year-old suspect, Anthony Zaremski, was shot and killed by deputies. 

The folks on Merrall Drive tell NEWS10 they have been dealing with a growing concern for more than five years as the Foxrun apartments lie just 100 feet or more down a path between the homes.

Tim Dobert who lives behind the apartment complex says he was alarmed to find several law enforcement officials sweeping through an area of Foxrun near his backyard.

“Literally right behind my house. I can look at my back door and see the apartment the FBI is back there right now,” said Dobert.

Neighbors next door tell NEWS10 they are planning on building a chain link fence in an effort to feel safer. Dobert is doing the same. 

“I’ve had to put up signs. I want to put a fence now myself,” said Dobert. 

NEWS10 has reached out to the Solomon property group, and they released the following statement, yesterday: Foxrun remains committed to resident and employee safety as its top priority, with today’s incident a regrettable reminder of the growing frequency of criminal activity confronting communities across the country.”