New York State’s Speed Week encourages everyone to slow down


BINGHAMTON, NY – Caution all you lead-foots out there: New York State Police are stepping up their speed enforcement over the coming days.

State Police launched their annual Speed Week enforcement campaign today.

We caught up with a Trooper as he was running radar on Route 12 in the Town of Chenango.

Police know that this is a time of year when people start traveling more, even though the pandemic has eased traffic a bit.

And it’s a time when road crews are particularly vulnerable working along the roadways.

“When you’re in a vehicle, you’re going to be a bigger danger to those people working on the side of the road. Those men and women on the side of the road do deserve that respect as well. Please pay attention to the speed limits that are posted. That’s why they’re posted for a reason. So, slow down and be mindful,” says Trooper Aga Dembinska.

Dembinska also reminds drivers that speeding tickets come with more than just hefty fines.

They put points on your license, can cause your insurance rates to rise and if you have more than 6 points in 18 months, you’ll pay an additional driver assessment fee.

Speed Week runs through next Wednesday.

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