New York State Police investigate Delaware County hate crime


DELAWARE COUNTY – 3 Delaware County men are accused of a hate crime for stealing the hat off the head of a Jewish man and then subjecting him to anti-Semitic slurs.

21 year-old Johan Diamond of Grand Gorge, 25 year-old Korey Bush of Ashland and 24 year-old Wesley Eignor, Junior of Denver, New York are all charged with grand larceny.

According to New York State Police, last Saturday one of the 3 got out of a pickup truck and accosted the victim who was walking down the sidewalk in the Villlage of Fleischmanns.

He snatched the fur hat, known as a shtreimel off the man’s head, and returned to the truck where he and his co-defendants began shouting anti-Semitic slurs.

The shtreimel is valued at $6,000 and was allegedly found at one of the defendant’s homes.

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