ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Monday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new initiative designed to brings arts and entertainment back to the state. The NY PopsUp initiative is a first of its kind initiative in the nation to accelerate the restoration of culture, arts, creative energy. More than 300 events will pop up across the state over the next 100 days, beginning on February 20. The events will be in person and shown online, as well.

“We’re trying to thread the needle. We want the performances, but we don’t want mass gatherings,” Cuomo said. “It’s exciting, it’s different, it’s creative.”

Daily numbers

When it comes to the daily numbers, the state’s new COVID-19 positivity rate is 4.28%. There were 114 deaths of New Yorkers due to COVID, however, on Sunday.

Vaccine allocation

As for vaccinations, Cuomo said that 90% of the vaccination allocation that New York has been given out. Overall, 75% of healthcare workers have taken the vaccine. That is up from 63% on January 18.

Cuomo also clarified that those with comorbidities can begin signing up on the state website on February 14 for appointments to receive the vaccine on February 15.