Just two days into the new standards required of gun owners to obtain a concealed carry permit in New York, confusion and unanswered questions remain.

The new standards to obtain the conceal carry permit in New York took effect September 1 but, as one gun store owner tell us there is no real clarity on the how to implement the new requirements.

“We’re actually seeing that people are still calling. They want to take the classes, but we are having to hold them off while we try and figure out what exactly that class is going to entail,” says Craig Serafini.

Upstate Guns and Ammo owner Craig Serafini says most of the counties are getting the information in real time as the law rolls out. They are required to submit their own lesson plans for concealed carry permit classes, but there is no guidance on what they need to include.

“The government has been very lax in actually putting out a specific curriculum,” says Sarafini.

Serafini also saying that the process for approval is another hold up.

“We actually can’t even host classes until the classes are approved”.  Serafini adding, “anybody who wants to apply for concealed carry permit has absolutely no process in which to do so,” said Sarefini.

When it comes to the cost that these new standards will incur, Serafini says it is hard to tell exactly how much that will be because they do not have approvals for what will be acceptable. But he warns the cost will change drastically.

“We know that those classes are going to get very expensive very quickly,” says Sarefini.

Sarefini thinks that this delay in clarity is the worst thing that could happen to gun laws.

“Because this is denying lawful people the ability to obtain a firearms permit.”

Just before the new standards, like many other gun stores in the Capital Region, those application numbers soared. Serafini now telling us it is a different story.

“We expect to see a slowdown in the short term while we’re waiting to see how this pans out will expect to have kind of that rubber band effect where we’ll have a huge jump up, once we see what’s necessary and how we can do it,” said the gun shop owner.

Serafini is confident they will be able to comply with the new standards, he just hopes for clarity sooner than later.