NEW YORK (NEXSTAR) – More than 545,000 people packed up their things and left New York in 2022, new Census data released Thursday revealed.

Most of those folks went farther than a few states away. The No. 1 destination for people leaving the Empire State was far south. The Census estimates about 91,000 people made the move from New York to Florida last year.

Some folks didn’t go too far though. The second most popular state for people leaving New York was a neighboring state: New Jersey. About 75,000 former New York residents went south, and continuing that trend, about 50,000 went east to Connecticut.

Even the fourth most popular destination stayed close to New York. More than 44,000 people moved from New York to Pennsylvania. However, the fifth most popular destination was California with 31,000 people heading west, according to the data.

The least likely destinations for New Yorkers leaving the state were South Dakota, Mississippi, Iowa, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

The new data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey. The survey happens more frequently than the official Census and gives people a better idea of changes happening in their community year to year.

But even with tens of thousands of people hopping across New York’s many borders, the state saw more people move in than move out last year. An estimated 301,000 people relocated to New York. Continuing the trend of neighborly love, more than 38,000 new arrivals were from New Jersey.