(WETM) – The AC is off and the furnace is on. Winter weather has officially arrived in New York State, but customers who pay for their heat should expect significantly higher bills this winter.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has tracked the prices of propane, kerosene, and fuel oil each week and compared them to last year’s prices. With the exception of propane, heating prices have jumped at least two dollars, or over 60%, since this time in 2021 in the Western Region of New York, which includes Chemung, Steuben, and Schuyler Counties.

According to NYSERDA, the prices for each as of Nov. 7, 2022 and the same week in 2021 are:

  • Fuel Oil (price per gallon)
    • 2021: $3.70
    • 11-7-2022: $6.06 (+63.8%)
  • Kerosene (dollars per gallon)
    • 2021: $4.19
    • 11-7-2022: $6.89 (+64.4%)
  • Propane (dollars per gallon)
    • 2021: $3.03
    • 11-7-2022: $3.13 (+3.2%)

According to NYSERDA’s data, prices for kerosene and fuel oil have been steadily climbing all year. Even since September 19, 2022, the average fuel oil price per gallon in the western region of NY has increased almost a dollar from $5.09. From the end of October to November 7, 2022, fuel oil and kerosene jumped $0.32 and $0.65, respectively.

Statewide, the trend is similar. The Nov. 7, 2022 New York State averages for a gallon of fuel oil, kerosene, and propane are $6.04, $7.31, and $3.48, respectively. These are up from $3.59, $3.96, and $3.30 from this time last year.