NEW YORK (WWTI) — New Applicants can now apply for the Excelsior Scholarship for the 2022, 2023 academic year.

To be eligible students must attend or plan to attend a New York State University, or New York City University, and their families must make less than $125,000 annually. They also must complete 30 credits per year toward their program of study, including summer and winter terms.

Students applying must also be on track to graduate on time with an Associate’s Degree in two years or a Bachelor’s Degree in four years. Students who meet all of the requirements are able to apply for tuition-free college on the NYS website. Governor Kathy Hochul stressed the importance of giving New York residents the opportunity to further their education.

“It is critical that we provide New York’s students every possible opportunity to climb the ladder of success,” Governor Hochul said. “The Excelsior Scholarship helps ensure a college education is attainable to all, especially for low-income students who face financial inequities that put them at a disadvantage. I am proud to support programs that tear down barriers to higher education and provide every New Yorker a chance to pursue a quality education.” 

According to the state, more than 190,000 New York residents attend CUNY or SUNY tuition-free with the addition of the Excelsior Scholarship program. Applications for the scholarship will be accepted through August 31 of 2022.