ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — New York State officially has a GOP Chairman and it’s someone who’s pretty familiar with the position. Ed Cox will be returning to that seat after former Chairman Nick Langworthy won a Congressional seat this past November. Our Capitol Correspondent Amal Tlaige attended the the Republican Convention on Monday and explains what Cox has in store for the Republican party.  

The Long-Island Republican is a son-in-law to the late former President Richard Nixon. Cox says in part his focus will be on safe streets, good jobs and good education. He also says the party will have to influence Republicans to get out and vote early which they saw as a weak point this past election. Aside from early voting, Cox says he has much more planned to gain Republican votes in the future. “We have to get well funded Senate races, well funded assembly races we have to build up in the local elections and make sure that people who are good candidates for the Senate and assembly do well in local elections and go on. The local elections are very important. We can’t lose sight of those,” he said.

The new chairman says he’ll also work to end the imbalance of powers between the supermajority of democrats and republicans in the state Legislature, “Because the far left Democrats running Albany are about one thing, and one thing only… power. Power for its own sake.” Cox beat out candidates like Assembly member Chris Tague, Rockland County GOP Chair Lawrence Garvey and Michael Henry who ran against Attorney General Letitia James this last election. Reporting in Albany, Amal Tlaige.