ALBANY, NY – New York State lawmakers are reacting to Saturday’s mass killing with anger and outrage.

As NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine shows us, some are calling for additional state gun control measures.

State leaders including the Governor Kathy Hochul and Speaker Carl Heastie will be in Buffalo on Tuesday along with President Biden to show their support for the Buffalo community impacted by this horrific tragedy.

Today at the Capitol, state leaders gathered to mourn the lives that were lost and called for change.

Before the press conference got underway, An impromptu song broke out among state lawmakers.

Among those present was Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

“This is what caused the death of so many people over the weekend. Simply wearing the skin they’re in.”

For Buffalo Senator Tim Kennedy, this tragedy hit close to home. His staffer, Zeneta Everheart’s son was working at Tops Grocery store that day.

“He was one of the first people shot in the parking lot as he was bringing groceries for a woman who was shot twice and killed to her car. He had a bullet go right threw him miraculously through his neck and right out his back. According to his mother, divine protection, there is no doubt in my mind that god was there with Zaire Goodman that day.”

Kennedy says we need to call out hate when we see it and when it comes to legislation.

“As far as policy goes, we need to engage with our leaders on a national level. We need to use this for a call to action. To ban assault weapons once again on a national level. We got to put in background checks. Background checks and a ban on assault weapons; these are things that could have prevented this awful evil destructive massacre from happening in the city of good neighbors. This should not happen anywhere else in this nation.”

Speaker Carl Heastie also calling for legislative changes.

“You want to have a gun to protect your house, property, your family, fine. What the hell do we need military weapons in the hands of civilians? It’s uncalled for. And when I see the President, if I see the president when I go to Buffalo. I’m going to say that to him.”

I’m told Governor Hochul is expected to unveil legislation to close gun loopholes on Tuesday.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.