NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — Today, August 10, the New York State Department of Labor announced that the Division of Worker Protection recovered and returned to workers roughly $11.7 million in stolen wages throughout the year so far.

Over 12,000 workers have been impacted by wage theft in 2023, according to the NYSDOL.

There were six notable cases this year where workers received returns of over $10,000, including:

  • A grocery store worker in Elmont who received $37,095
  • A dry-cleaning employee in Manhattan who received $20,000
  • A jewelry store worker in Jackson Heights who received $65,000
  • A tow truck operator in Elma who received $25,900
  • An installer working for a restoration company in Yonkers who received $11,400
  • A technician working for a transit company in Plattsburg who received $48,000

The NYSDOL says it is on track to recover $20 million in stolen wages this year. The commissioner of the NYSDOL, Roberta Reardon, encourages all New Yorkers who believe they have been victims of wage theft to contact the department.