BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The New York State American Legion has established a $1.5 million fund to address veteran suicide and homelessness.

They will be unveiling the the new fund on Friday, July 15th, during the American Legion’s state convention which is being held at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena in downtown Binghamton.

American Legion Department of New York Commander Frank LaMarsh has already announced the fund’s first two grant awards.

$100,000 will be given to a pilot project to expand treatment for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Another $34,450 will help outfit a two-family home in Saratoga Springs for homeless women veterans with children. The home, called Foreverly House, will provide stable housing, access to healthcare, and mental health treatment to these veterans in need.

“Starting today,” LaMarsh said, “The American Legion Department of New York is using this fund to provide grants to organizations and projects that make a difference in the lives of our veterans still suffering from what happened to them while serving their country. Our inaugural grants address the startling statistic that 22 veterans are taking their own lives every day, and that women veterans with children are the most vulnerable segment of our veteran homeless population.”

NewsChannel 34 will be at the convention on Friday and on hand for the formal announcement ceremony.