BINGHAMTON, NY – After 4 months of hard work, the New Visions Business Academy students presented the results of their business today.

The program gives high school seniors a chance to create and build a business from scratch, including product development, marketing and more.

This year’s group formed a company called 13 Visionaries, and created the Stay Refreshed Bundle.

The bundle included 2, 2 ounce bottles of mask spray and a mask lanyard.

This year, the group not only managed all aspects of their company but also had to have a COVID precaution plan in place.

Despite their challenges, they are also the highest grossing group to date.

Marketing Team Leader and Binghamton High School Senior Kate Salamida says the project really helped decide her future.

“We started with this small idea and then just evolved it over these past 4 months to create something as big as we did and something that created so much profit and really effected our community in a positive way,” says Salamida.

After giving their investors a 100 percent return on profit and taking care of other expenses, the group was also able to donate 42 hundred dollars to 7 different charities,