ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — A recent Siena poll evaluated how New Yorkers feel about Governor Kathy Hochul, the state budget and the United States Supreme Court. According to that poll, 48% of New Yorkers feel the state is heading in the wrong direction, 42% say we’re on track and 11% have no opinion. And when it comes to the Governor, her favorability ratings are plummeting.

“Right now, 40% of New Yorkers say they have a favorable view of Kathy Hochul, 45% plurality say they have an unfavorable view,” explained Steven Greenberg, pollster with Siena College Research Institute. Greenberg said along with favorability, 50% of New Yorkers think Hochul is doing a good job, but those numbers have gone down in recent polls. “Which has got to be concerning to the Hochul’s folks because in a year and a half, in a state where 50 percent of the voters are democrats, never once has Hochul had 50% of voters having a favorable view of her and right now she’s struggling to keep favorable number in the 40s,” said Greenberg.

Ironically, even though her ratings are down, more New Yorkers feel this year’s budget is a good one. “So they like the bail change, they like the $1 billion for mental health services, they like increasing the minimum wage, they like a hundred million dollars for abortion and reproductive health services, they like all of those things,” he said.

Majority of New Yorkers think Hochul is honest and not corrupt. However voters are evenly divided on her effectiveness and strong leadership. The poll also shows only 37% of New Yorkers view the United States Supreme Court favorably, with 52% unfavorably. “The decision to overturn Roe v Wade I think made a lot of New Yorkers very upset at the Supreme Court,” said Greenberg. The Siena College Research Institute will publish another poll next month.