New NY State Governor’s Youth Council seeking out a teen/ young adult to represent them


BINGHAMTON, NY – Broome County is looking for a teenager or young adult who can provide input on the needs of their generation.

The county’s Youth Bureau is seeking applicants for one person between the ages of 13 and 21 to represent Broome on the newly created New York State Governor’s Youth Council.

The council will be made up of one representative from each of the state’s 62 counties.

Each county will select 3 nominees and the state will have the final choice of who gets to sit on the council.

Liz Woidt, Director of Parks, Recreation and Youth Services, says its a chance for young people to impact issues that are important to them.

“I think this would be a great opportunity to be the sole youth from Broome County representing and havinga voice on the Governor’s Youth Council. I think that would be an amazing opportunity for anyone. I would have loved to do this if this was around when I was their age,” says Woidt.

Candidates will be selected based on their character, leadership skills, academic achievement, civic engagement and community services.

Once chosen, members will receive a 2-day orientation in Albany and then sit on the council for a 2-year term.

There are 7 topic areas for the group to consider: education and careers, civic engagement, women and girls, juvenile justice, environmental justice, youth violence and cyber bullying and sexual assault and harassment.

The deadline for the application is next Monday, December 9th.

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