WASHINGTON DC – Today the Biden Administration announced new emission standards for cars and trucks to fight climate change.

As NewsChannel 34’s Reshad Hudson shows us, officials believe it will not only help combat climate change, but also ward off respiratory illnesses.

“We have a responsibility to communities who are most heavily impacted by climate change.”

Monday, EPA Administrator Michael Regan announced a plan to raise average fuel emission standards for cars and light trucks to 40 miles per gallon by the year 2026.

“The standards are achievable, affordable, and will deliver significant pollution reduction,” says Regan.

Regan says the new fleetwide standards will save money at the pump and protect the planet.

And he says major automakers are jumping abord.

“The past several months, and nearly all major automakers have announced plans to transition their vehicle fleets to zero emissions,” says Regan.

The EPA Administration says transportation is the largest single source of greenhouse gases generated by the United States, representing nearly 30% percent of the nation’s total emissions.

“I’ve been the mother taking her first ride in an ambulance with him when his oxygen levels were so poor that the pediatrician would not allow me to drive him himself,” says Witherspoon.

She believes the new standards will help end childhood respiratory diseases.

“Today is a win for all asthmatics,” says Witherspoon.

The EPA says even higher fuel standards are also expected in 2027 and beyond.