BROOME COUNTY, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) A 128 year-old local company has sold off two of its product divisions to an international firm that is looking to double its business over the next 3 years.

Rekord Structures, based in Poland, has purchased the Big Tent product lines of Eureka from Johnson Outdoors.
Rekord is rebranding the military tents division as Rapid Deployable Systems.
The firm wanted Eureka’s smaller and easier to erect tents to complement its own line of larger military tents.
Rekord also purchased the party tent line and has named it InTENTional Systems.
It purchased and plans to remain at Eureka’s facility on Conklin Road in Conklin.
Rekord closed on the deal in March and has since added to the existing staff.
Senior Sales and Marketing Manager for InTENTional Systems Carol Cundey says the new parent company has already invested in new high-tech equipment and larger inventories.
Cundey says the entire workforce is excited about the transition.

Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Carol Cundey says, “The new company has offered us greater investment, not only in materials and people, but in state-of-the-art machinery, innovation, and we can also work and share our resources with the other companies within the Rekord family of companies.”

Rekord purchased all of the Big Tent product lines from Eureka, including the patterns, patents and engineering.
But most important, Cundey says, is the seasoned staff, some who have worked for the company for decades.
One recent addition was a large printing machine which they used to print the Channel 34 logo for us.
Johnson Outdoor retained ownership of the Eureka camping tent line.
It is curently leasing space from Rekord in Conklin as it seeks a new home in Greater Binghamton.