New doggy daycare opens in Johnson City


Attention dog lovers, you now have a new place to keep your dogs when you’re out working.

Bark City Doggy Daycare opened this past Friday in Johnson City.

The canine care center is located on Avenue D, and is more than ready to pamper and protect your pets.

The building itself underwent a massive facelift to accomodate man’s best friend, and has several rooms for older dogs, young pups, big dogs and small dogs.

Bark City Doggy Day Care Owner Lindsey Sage says her dog’s experience in other daycares made her want to do this to.

Bark City Doggy Day Care Owner Lindsey Sage says, “You know, they are always there for you when you need them, and no matter what, whether you’re having a bad day, they just want to cuddle. They just are your best friend. When you come home at the end of the day, or when you pick them up from daycare, they are just so excited to see you. They’re just the happiest animals out there.”

Sage has lots of experience with animals, also owning a horse farm with chickens and goats as well.

She says her incredibly supportive family have helped her set this organization up.

Her mother will also contribute to the center.

Winston, the black lab german shepard mix, and the great pyrennes Duncan are eager to make new friends.

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