New details after Martinez ousted as Binghamton schools superintendent


Binghamton Schools Superintendent Marion Martinez has been voted out of her position and replaced by former Assistant Superintendent Steve Deinhardt.

Members of the Board of Education introduced Deinhardt on Thursday.

The Board held a special meeting Wednesday night that only lasted 3 minutes.

It unanimously voted to place Martinez on paid leave and have her contract terminated in 60 days.

Board President Dave Hawley says he and his colleagues feel that relationships between Martinez and others in the district, notably teachers and administrators, were broken beyond repair.

Hawley says he wants people who packed recent board meetings to express their concerns to know that the board was listening.
“We really understood their frustration.  However, there are things that have to go on, there’s a process that has to be followed and sometimes we can’t react as quickly as people would like us to.  But, we were taking their concerns into consideration,” said Hawley.

About a 100 people attended the meeting and nearly everyone cheered as Deinhardt’s name was announced.

He retired as Assistant Superintendent in 2012 after spending 37 years in the district as a teacher, football coach and administrator.

Deinhardt says he has strong relationships with the teachers and administrators in the district.

He says his first priority will be to start the healing process through increased communication.

“The one thing that I can control as a superintendent is very simply treating people well.  And having an expectation that they’ll treat people well.  And that we can build relationships within the community.  And there’s no reason why we would not want to do that at any one point,” said Deinhardt.

Deinhardt plans to visit all of the Binghamton schools and their staffs in the coming weeks.

He starts the job on Monday.

According to her contract, Binghamton must continue to pay Martinez her salary through May 2018 unless she gets another position.

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