BINGHAMTON, NY – Chenango Street is getting a little brighter, as it’s underpass is receiving a mural.

The dark tunnel is getting a makeover thanks to the Department of Public Art, and Artist Bruce Grieg.

Grieg has worked on at least 8 to 10 murals so far for the community, but he says this is his largest challenge yet with the tunnel requiring over 450 feet of art.

Although there is still no finalized design, he says it will have a play on surrealism through the internet, and YouTube, but overall he just want’s it to be fun.

“It’s kind of a background pattern, but then were gonna add more detail to it, and some life. It’s gonna have animals of some description in it, were still negotiating with that,” says Greig.

Although Covid has been a setback for the mural, through his hard work and the help of volunteers

Greig hopes to have the mural finished by the end of next month.