BINGHAMTON, NY – A traveling exhibition honoring those who speak truth to power will be in our region over the next 2 months.

Americans Who Tell The Truth is a nearly 20 year-old project by artist Robert Shetterly who began painting portraits of American activists and whistle blowers.

Shetterly calls them models of courageous citizenship.

The exhibit is opening today at the Broome County Public Library in Binghamton.

17 of the 255 total portraits will be on display along with brief descriptions of each subject.

That includes the unveiling of the most recent portrait, one of Daniel Hale who is awaiting a federal prison sentence for revealing the large number of civilian deaths caused by U-S drone strikes.

Jack Gilroy, the Events Coordinator for the local Peace Action and Veterans for Peace, organized the exhibit.

“Not everybody on this list went to prison or jail, but they were very often disparaged by the culture, by the community, for saying things they were not supposed to say, the truth,” says Gilroy.

The Hale portrait will be unveiled at a ceremony tomorrow at 2 P-M.

The exhibit will remain at the library until October 15th at which point it will move to Maine-Endwell High School for the remainder of the month.

Then next month, it will be on display at Cornell University.