BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT) – There are some new places for at-risk youth to study and hang out at in Binghamton’s public housing projects.

The Binghamton Housing Authority introduced new study centers at Carlisle Hills and Saratoga Heights apartment complexes. They were funded by a $50,000 grant secured by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo from the State Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The centers provide after school care for those in the community that may not have a safe place to do their homework or gather with friends.

Grant funds were used to purchase printers, desks, and computers.

“I think its important for people in general to understand that the youth in our community need visibility, they need engagement, and they need support. So I will continue doing this in every place that I can, but also, I don’t want to forget about this place this isn’t just something we’re gonna do one time. I want to come back and really find out what we can do more to help,” says Lupardo.

Officials at Carlisle say many of the kids who come to these centers do not have computers or internet access in their homes.

Children are provided with hot meals and snacks as well as opportunities for field trips to local attractions such as the roller rink or the opera.