New bill would shine light on sexual harassment claims in local government


ALBANY, NY – A new bill in the New York State legislature aims to shine light on sexual harassment claims in local government.

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca has more on the legislation and where it stands.

When there’s a finding of sexual harassment involving a local government employees Senator Jim Gaughran says notification is key.

((Senator James Gaughran))
I believe very strongly that all members of a town board or a village board or a county legislature need to know.

He’s sponsoring a bill that would require all board members to be notified of an alleged violation within one business day.

He says it’s important for a couple of reasons.

((Senator James Gaughran))
In addition to protecting victims, you also have to make sure that you’re protecting the taxpayers because often this type of behavior leads to major litigation against a municipality.

He says the idea stemmed from a situation in his own district on Long Island where not everyone on a town board was initially made aware of an alleged instance of sexual harassment.

((Senator James Gaughran))
What this law does is it makes sure that every member of a town board or a village board has the information so that they can independently act and act in concert with the municipal board.

He says it will allow for the personnel situation to be addressed and provide victims protection.

The bill also has sponsorship in the Assembly.

The bill currently sits in the Senate Local Government Committee.

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