Neowise Comet in the skies for just a little while longer, how to get the best view


VESTAL, NY – Kopernik is helping skywatchers to appreciate a rare comet that is streaking through the night sky.

The Neowise Comet, discovered by the spacecraft of the same name, has been visible to the naked eye in recent evenings, near the Big Dipper.

However, you can get a much better view through the observatory’s giant telescope lens.
Recordings made last night and last Friday evening are still available on Kopernik’s YouTube channel.

Neowise is approximately 6 miles long, and its tail, consisting of debris that breaks off of it, is about 2 million miles long.

The comet is the first of its size to be visible from Earth in over 20 years.

Kopernik Executive Director Drew Deskur says the stream has attracted interest from all over.

“The response has been outstanding. Just this morning, I’ve had people from Bangladesh down in Florida asking where can we see this comet based on our videos,” says Deskur.

Kopernik is hopeful that it can live stream images of the comet again this coming Friday evening, although the weather forecast makes that in doubt.

Either way, it will begin a YouTube broadcast at 7:30 with a presentation on the Perseverance Mars Rover.

If you are unable to see the comet this time around, do not worry.

It will be back in our view in a short 6,700 years.

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