Neglect is a chronic or repeated failure to act in certain ways. Harm wrought by neglect is rarely traceable to a single specific moment. Instead, the harm resulting from neglect is an accumulated effect. Physical neglect includes failure to provide housing that is safe, dry and warm, adequate housing, clean and appropriate clothing, and protecting children from hazards like poisons and electrical sockets. You must fulfill a child’s need for sufficient, well-balanced meals and adequate rest is a serous threat to a child’s health and development. Medical neglect refers to failure to provide preventive care, such as immunizations, adequate care during illnesses, timely visits to health professionals, including dentists, and maintenance of prescribed health care routines. Emotional neglect generally consists of failure to provide emotional support to children in ways that are appropriate for the age and development of the child. Failure to display and respond to affection is typical of emotional neglect. Other forms of neglect constitute failing to provide reasonable opportunities for children to develop relationships with family and friends and ensuring that children attend school on a regular basis. Leaving children to fare for themselves or failing to pick them up from ‘temporary’ care with a relative or babysitter can be considered abandonment. Please contact a child safety program in your are for more information.

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