(WWTI) — Every year on March 29, the United States observes National Vietnam War Veterans Day. In 2022, the country is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the war.

This holiday celebrates all Vietnam War Veterans, making no distinctions between those who served in-country, in-theater or who were stationed elsewhere.

The day was officially designated as a day of recognition in 2017 by Former President Donald Trump. The holiday is now marked by ceremonies and celebrations across the United States.

The Vietnam War Commemoration noted March 29 was chosen as the day of observation as March 29, 1973, was when U.S. Military Assistance Command in Vietnam was reestablished and when the last U.S. combat troops departed Vietnam. The last U.S. personnel were evacuated from Vietnam in April 1975.

Now nearly 50 years later, the Commemoration estimates that there are over 6 million U.S. Vietnam veterans living in America, as well as, 9 million families of those who served during this timeframe.

There are also over 1,500 service members who remain missing and unaccounted for.

Prior to the holiday on March 29, President Joe Biden issued a proclamation in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War. A segment of the proclamation is featured below:

For almost two decades, Americans raised their right hands and committed to serve and defend our Constitution as uniformed members of the United States Armed Forces during a tumultuous period in our country’s history.  Throughout the years of the Vietnam War, 9 million Americans earned the title of United States veteran.  Today and every day, we honor their bravery and commitment and give thanks to a generation of Americans who valiantly fought in service of the country they love while recognizing the continuing impact on so many veterans of the Vietnam conflict, along with their families, caregivers, and survivors.  We will always remember those we lost and honor those who came home.

U.S. President Joseph Biden, March 28, 2022

In the North Country, both the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum and the American Legion in Carthage will honor Veterans in the community.

On March 29, the Fort Drum Main Exchange will provide United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pins from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is open to all service members who served active duty between November 1, 1955, and May 15, 1975, regardless of location.

The following day on March 30, the Carthage American Legion Bassett-Baxter Post 789 will host a Vietnam War Veterans Day Commemorative Ceremony. This will be held at the Saint Hames Catholic Church in Carthage and is open to all veterans and community members.

By Presidential Proclamation, The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration will continue through Veterans Day, November 11, 2025.