NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A pizza spot in New Orleans has a clever idea to try and get tickets for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour.

Zander White, the owner of Zee’s Pizzeria on Baronne Street, is offering free pizza for a year in exchange for the highly coveted concert tickets.

“We’d scream if we could go,” White told WGNO. “Me and my wife are big fans, and we’d love to go. I don’t see a way to get tickets because they are way too expensive and too hard to get.”

Like thousands of others, White has had a tough time trying to get tickets — especially after last fall’s Ticketmaster fiasco that led to a major system meltdown due to record-high demand.

So, White thought, why not put up a sign at his pizzeria that says, “Free Pizza For Swift Tix?”

“We’d do at least a year of free pizza for two Swift tickets,” White said.

“I thought it would be funny, hoping Taylor would find out. Taylor just owns it really good,” White explained. “She’s so talented and doesn’t care what people say, and just does her thing.”

Though White and his wife would love to get their hands on Eras tickets, there’s no “Bad Blood” if they don’t get them. White says they will just have to “Shake It Off.”

When asked if White would create a Taylor Swift-themed pizza, he replied, “It would definitely have a lot of red. She loves the color red. Pizza fit for a queen.”

The closest show to New Orleans where Taylor Swift will be performing is in Nashville. However, there are still stops planned in locations less than a two-hour flight from NOLA, such as Atlanta; Kansas City, Missouri, and Cincinnati.