NICHOLS, NY – Saturday, September 25th is World Ghost Hunting Day, and a local organization plans to make the most of it.

The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt is a global event that takes place every September 25th, inviting local teams to livestream an investigation of a haunted place in their community.

Last year, Empirical Paranormal took over the Bundy Museum, and this year, they’re headed to the Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols.

The Fainting Goat was featured last year on the Travel Channel’s Hotel Paranormal, and is notorious for it’s bizarre and haunting happenings.

Gina Caprari is the director of Empirical Paranormal, and says they’ve done prior hunts at the Fainting Goat that were very active.

Caprari’s team has a variety of tools including camera systems, recorders and dousing rods to try and connect with the spirits.

Her son, Dominic, assumes the role of head investigator.

“We don’t like to go into an investigation thinking that everything is paranormal. We like to explain things away if we can, while also keeping what we believe is scientific evidence together,” says Dominic.

Gina became intrigued with the paranormal at a young age, when she started having unexplainable experiences.

“I grew up having things happen, seeing things, feeling things, so it brought my interest into it,” Gina says.

Dominic says his experience growing up was similar, adding his earliest memory is of playing with a ghost. He adds he remembers toys turning on by themselves, and instances with the television and Christmas tree lights.

Both of them say they don’t scare easily.

If you want to watch Gina, Dominic and the rest of their team take on the Fainting Goat Island Inn, you can do so via their Facebook page.

The event begins at 7pm and lasts until 11, with a special segment with the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt from 9-10.