JOHNSON CITY, NY – The Citizen Action of New York Southern Tier held a rally outside the Johnson City Home Depot today.

This rally is part of a National Day of Action with other events across the country.

Speakers at the rally touched on President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, and they believe it will make critical investments that families in the Southern Tier need to survive.

Things like more affordable housing, increasing taxes for corporations, lowering drug prices, affordable health care, tackling climate change and more.

Regional Director for Citizen Action, Mary Clark says what she’d like to see from elected officials.

“You’ve got to meet the needs of people, this is a great proposal, once in a lifetime proposal and you need to vote for that now and stop listening to the big corporations who are trying to derail the proposal and work against American families,” says Clark.

They mention that while the Biden Job Plan’s investments in our physical infrastructure, they would also like to see Congress pass the Budget Reconciliation, which addresses immediate needs and builds the social infrastructure of our communities.