National Concussion Awareness Day; how to tell if you have one


VESTAL N.Y – Medical professionals across the country are stressing the importance of taking blows to the head seriously.

We visited the UHS Concussion Center in Vestal today for National Concussion Awareness Day.

Experts say there are developing therapies beyond just time and rest for a concussion.

And they’re highlighting the symptoms that young athletes and their parents should be on the lookout for.

They include headache, dizziness or poor balance, sensitivity to light or noise, blurry vision, feeling in a fog or just not right, trouble sleeping or drowsiness and trouble concentrating or with academics.

Doctor Stanley Hunter is a Sports Medicine Physician.

“I think you just have to try to be honest with yourself and others, what symptoms you’re having. We neither want people to over-report for every little symptom they might feel and ascribe them to their concussion. Nor do want people to ignore their symptoms and try to turn a blind eye,” says Hunter.

“It helps get their eyes working as a team again. That’s one of the things we see frequently with a concussion is that they can still see but their eyes aren’t working as efficiently as they used to. It helps regain that teamwork for their eyes. It helps reading and tolerating screens easier to get them back to school faster,” says Concussion Rehab Lead Eric Crist.

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